Oh this word.
This dumb word.
I know it’s JUST a word.

But this sneaky word keeps creeping into my daily dialog and driving me absolutely bananas lately.

It’s such an awful word for this main reason.

Let me explain…

Every single time I meet someone new and they ask me what I did before being a home-based entrepreneur, I always start to say, ‘I was JUST our stay at home parent.’

Ugh. You guys. Stop it. Seriously. Somebody slap me, hard. In the face.

Why do I do that? Why is this acceptable? What is WITH that freaking word?

For real, there is no JUST in being a stay at home/lead parent.
It is THE hardest job ever.
I am the BIGGEST supporter and champion of all parents including lead parents that stay home full time. Why does that JUST always try to creep its way in?
Juggling the chaos of raising children, managing a home, compiling numerous schedules…not to mention the insane amount of dirty dishes, laundry loads, house cleaning and around town errands that usually fall under the lead parent’s umbrella too!
I have never ONCE heard my husband say this phrase. Anytime somebody asks him what he does now, that JUST in nowhere to be found in his reply. Also his transition from a construction project manager into our stay at home parent wasn’t super easy. He jokes often that it was easier to manage hundreds of grown men for 13 hours a day than it is being our chaos coordinator here at CasaCullen. It took him about a year to get the hang of it all and now he’s like a well oiled machine.
I truly loathe that the word JUST and the fact that it always wants to creep into my lingo pertaining to this subject. I’ve started to make a firm and concentrated effort to admonish it from that phrase in my life.
When I hear other people use it in relation to their status as a lead parent, I try to gently tell them to remove the JUST because their role is one of the most important roles ever.
I have actually had women tear up telling me that they needed to hear that. They crave not being just a JUST. Because they are not. They are such an intricate and important part of society and home life.
So can we create a movement, stepping away from using the word JUST in reference to lead parents? Join me! Let’s start celebrating the awesome job they’re doing on the regular.
There is no JUST in stay at home parent life…because it is JUST about the hardest thing ever!
Thank you to all the lead parents out there that needed to hear this today!
I salute you and am so thankful for the good work you’re doing all over the world, raising amazing citizens/little people on the daily!